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Our Roots

Sometime in the fall of 2007, Chaos

came up with an idea for a new firefighters motorcycle club. Chaos worked up a design for the first colors in late 2007 and after the artwork was done, the name Inferno Firefighters MC came to be. After talking with Bull, Chaos and Bull came up with the name of Knights of the Inferno Firefighters MC. After speaking with the rest of the Original Seven charter members, the name was approved. The first meeting of the Knights of the Inferno FFMC took place in February of 2008. Chaos, Bull, and some of the Original Seven charter members were part of a local chapter of the Red Knights International MC before they resigned in April 2008. An artist reworked our colors in April of 2008 and our first stitched set of colors was born.We received a loan from a local business and all the Original Seven members chipped in to buy our first twelve sets of colors. Then in March of 2009, the colors were reworked and our new colors were born. In July of 2008 we became a New Jersey non-profit organization with the help of Original Seven member Dallas. In the time that we have been around, we have gone out to support many local charities and fellow emergency & military service members in need. We have been expanding rapidly with chapters all over the United Sates, Canada, and Europe. We have built a bond between us, not only as emergency, military, and civilians, but as fellow riders, and above all as BROTHERS!